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We race VHR a Nascar Racing Sim  that  is up to date  with all the cars and tracks.   It can be download and run under RFactor or there is a standalone version.  Please join us in our server anytime you like  and let us know that you have been to the website.

Server Name is EMD  on the in game server list!!

Please like us on Facebook @ Eat MY Dust Racing 

Right now we are working custom skins for everyone to download.  Please go to EMD Skins and check out some pic's we have posted.

  If you need to download VHR follow this link

VHR Version 2012

We also use Teamspeak 3 for communication. You can click on the banner to the right and it will take you to the page Where you can download it or link right into the server.  Just as simple as that.
The link to the Talladega No Plate track is Here!

If you have any Question or suggestions please email me

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